Astronaut/NASA Glenn Director Janet Kavandi Visits the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Fri 1/26 @ 7PM

Our golden-age sci-fi magazine artists depicted the vital role of females in space in the 21st century. Women would wear skimpy metal bikinis and fishnets, and while being first-class astro-navigatrixes with laser pistols strapped to their shapely thighs, they’d still faint under pressure and have to be rescued by the likes of Capt. Kirk.

What is the truth about being a lady astronaut? Come to the Explorer lecture series of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History for a special presentation by Dr. Janet Kavandi. Not only is she a veteran of three NASA space-shuttle missions, but she is also director of the NASA Glenn Research center.

Dr. Kavandi will discuss her career and the future horizons for space exploration, and take questions. Maybe the metal bikinis are just in beta-test phase.

Tickets are $12 for the public. There will be a reception with light appetizars before the lecture.


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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