The Theme Song Should Be “Gimme Shelter” at the Great Big Home & Garden Show

Fri 2/2-Sun 2/11

The annual Great Big Home & Garden Show fills up the hangar-like space at the International Exhibition Center with vendors, special guests and exhibits for anyone interested in gracious living, interior design or just the amenities for having a roof over your head.

As always, local landscapers have contributed more than a dozen gardens, clustered around a theme, this year being popular music. And don’t forget kitchen demos by the Loretta Paganini School, HGTV’s Matt Fox and Clint Harp, and more.

But the 2018 VIP celebrity guest is Kathy Ireland, once a supermodel specializing in beachwear. After going the expected fitness-video, published-memoir and B-actress route, she started her own clothing line that led to home furnishings. Her brands are now worth billions. So logically, she’s very likely to be the next U.S. president. Bring her your Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue to be autographed and, who knows, maybe in 2021 President Ireland will give you a tax break.

Admission is $12 for adults, $5 for children. IX parking fee is $10.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]

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