Six Ladies and One John Featured in New Show at Tremont’s Doubting Thomas Gallery

Fri 1/12 @ 6-10PM

Funky little Tremont Gallery Doubting Thomas is always putting together oddball shows that can be hit-or-miss, featuring some of the area’s most revered artists alongside those who have never made an artwork previously.

Their next show, The Ladies and Their John, which opens during this month’s Walkabout Tremont, features an interesting collection of seven artists, some of them well known figures in the local music scene. There’s Heather Gmucs, co-owner of Wax Mage Records, which creates distinctive vinyl art. There’s Brittany Hudak who has been part of the art quarterly CAN Journal. There’s John Kalman, who’s been part of a bunch of local indie bands. And Sarah Isenhart, manager at Blue Arrow Records.

Kalman is the “John” referred to in the shows title; the other six artists are all women, including Melanie Newman, Yosafa Deutsch and Natalia Dale. Other than Dale, they aren’t well known in the local art scene so you might be in for a surprise. Or not. You’ll have to go find out.

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