No Real American (Wherever You’re From) Should Miss this Lakewood Presentation on Immigration

Wed 1/17 & Wed 1/24 @ 7PM

Just over 100 years old, downtown Cleveland’s International Services Center has assisted in settling generations of fresh arrivals in this country. Hear its board of directors President Ken Kovach speak about the group’s history and mission in modern times at the Lakewood Public Library.

Now with raw-nerve controversy over “illegals,” “Dreamers” and so forth, Kovach’s appearance is timely indeed. It’s a two-part series, first on Wed 1/17 with the locally focused “International Lakewood.” The concluding half, “World in Your Backyard,” on Wed 1/24, provides a bigger picture of refugees and hopeful migrants and bridge-building between a patchwork of different cultures.

Admission is free.



[Written by Charles Cassady]

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