Join Other Pro-Choice Folks at Femiknits Stitch-and-Bitch Gathering at Prosperity Social Club

Mon 1/8 @ 7PM

Shortly before the holidays, Ohio Governor John “Not a Moderate” Kasich signed his 20th piece of anti-choice, anti-woman legislation since coming into office, making him the most anti-choice governor in the country.

That means it’s time for another Femiknits stitch & bitch session. Grab whatever craft, sewing or knitting project you’re working on, grab some friends and head on down to the woman-owned and very woman-friendly Prosperity Social Club in Tremont and join a like-minded crew of women (men are welcome too) to plot pushback to the Neanderthals in Ohio’s legislature and governor’s office and strategize how to kick them out of office in November.

There’ll be some appetizers, and of course you can buy anything you want from Prosperity’s extensive menu and drink list. It’s free and open to all supportive people.

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