It’s Even Y2K Compliant! Preview the Midtown Tech Hive at the Dunham Tavern

Wed 1/17 @ 5:30PM

The historic Dunham Tavern, a survivor of old Millionaires’ Row in downtown Cleveland, hosts a “Beer and the Barn” preview party for one of the most forward-looking innovations in the region, the Midtown Tech Hive.

Due to open in February under the auspices of DititalC, the Midtown Tech Hive is intended to offer IT classes, rental business space, incubator-labs, a cafe and technology assistance for any small companies or nonprofits needing to juggle data.

Visitors who sign up to reserve space at the Hive and/or attend the event can sample ales from Haus Malts and pizza by Crust. Admission is free but registration (by website, of course) is required.


[Written by Charles Cassady]


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