Creative Mornings Cleveland at Balance Inc. in Tyler Village Tackles the Topic of Anxiety

Fri 1/19 @ 8:30AM

Anxiety! It’s something a lot of us are feeling now, with natural disasters all around us, social media and TV news feeding us scare stories, a false alarm missile attack alert in Hawaii, and an unapologetic racist in the White House.

So it’s a natural topic for this month’s Creative Mornings, a series of breakfast events held around the globe, featuring local speakers on a single subject. This month’s Creative Mornings Cleveland speaker is Claire Campbell, a clinical counselor and art therapist who leads the Clinical Mental Health Counselor Education Graduate program at Cleveland State University. She’ll be sharing her thoughts on how to handle anxiety.

The event moves around to a different location each month. This month it’s at Balance Inc in Tyler Village. The event is free and includes coffee and breakfast. Space is limited so please register here.

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