Cleveland Print Room’s “Anthropocene” Explores the Impact of Humans on the Environment

Fri 1/19 @ 5-9PM

The term “Anthropocene Epoch” has been bandied around more and more in recent years, as the issue of climate change has emerged as one of global significance. It refers to an era in which human activity is altering the Earth’s ecosystem.

Anthropocene: The Age of Humans is the name of the upcoming show at the Cleveland Print Rom in which three visual artists will present work about the interrelation humans and the environment. Clevelander Tom Laffay’s “Defender” project looks at how people in South America are working to protect their communities and their environment. Clevelander Michael Loderstedt is showing new work using photography including alternative processes. And Boston-based Colombian Oscar Palacio’s Walden Then and Now series explores how the area around Walden Pond series changed as altered its landscape.

For the opening reception, Fri 1/19, poet Kisha Nicole Foster and poet/photographer Nicki Wilkins and Elu Dance Company will share work on related themes. The show will be on view through Fri 2/23. It’s free and open to all.




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