BOP STOP Hosts Outlab, a Jam Session for Experimental Improvisers

Tue 1/16 @ 9PM

Feeing adventurous on a Tuesday night? Head over to the BOP STOP in Ohio City for the monthly OutLab: Experiments in Improvised Music.

If you’re a musician bring your instrument or anything you create sounds with (drum kit and keyboard are provided; bring amps if needed). A high level of musical expertise is not required, just an open mind and willingness to explore. If you’re a listener, bring open ears to listen as an ad hoc assemblage of musicians probes their sonic limits in what’s describes as a “spontaneous interactive musical exploration.”

The organizers say, “Instead of ‘rules’ that might pre-empt or short-circuit such explorations, we offer the following guidelines 1) to direct our explorations along the most productive and positive lines, and 2) to engage the widest possible variety of individuals from Greater Cleveland’s rich and diverse music scenes.”

Set-up is at 8pm; music starts at 9. Admission is free.


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