Art on Madison’s Poetry Reading Series Welcomes Toledo’s Jonie McIntire

Tue 1/16 @7:30PM

Last year, Art on Madison launched its POETRY + reading series, which gives poets — mostly local — the opportunity to share a significant chunk of their work with an audience through an extended reading. That way, listeners can get a feel for the author’s output that might not be gleaned in a short reading reading of a poem or two.

This week, they can immerse themselves in the work of guest reader Jonie McIntire. She’s the author of two chapbooks and the leader of the writing team at Toledo Streets newspaper, a publication dedicated to making positive change in the community and impacting poverty and homelessness. She herself hosts a poetry reading series in Toledo that features both local and national writers.

The event is free and open to all. Doors open at 7, and reading begins at 7:30pm



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