Trees Company? Come Knock on Rocky River Nature Center’s Door to Learn About Chestnut Trees

Sat 12/23 @ 2PM

Why should fir and spruce get all the attention during Christmas season? Fight pernicious “conifer privilege” as a Cleveland Metroparks expert will dig up the dirt on the plight of the chestnut tree at the Rocky River Nature Center.

Once acclaimed in song and poetry as a spreading mainstay of  eastern forests, the American chestnut was nearly wiped out. For once the villain wasn’t rapacious loggers but a fungus parasite. Naturalist Marty Calabrese will tell the story of how humans have been part of the solution this time in reviving this famous flora. They turned over a new leaf, one might say.

Admission is free, and all ages are welcome.

[Written by Charles Cassady]

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