Have a Swing Dancing Pre-New Year’s Eve Blast at the Slovenian Workmen’s Home on Waterloo

Sat 12/30 @ 8PM

Don’t wait until January to work on that resolution to get more exercise. Head over the Slovenian Workmen’s Home in the Waterloo Arts District and get your work out in a really fun way: at a swing dance hosted by Cleveland’s Get Hep Swing.

You’ll probably become addicted to these dances/social events held on both sides of town on a monthly basis at each venue. They start off with an hour-long dance lesson from 8-9pm so beginners can learn the ropes and experienced old hands can brush up, before dancing to live music starts from 9 to midnight. This month’s it’s Cleveland’s Red Light Roxy featuring some of Cleveland’s top jazz musicians backing vocalist Eileen Burns as they swing out on some lively dance tunes.

Because it’s ALMOST New Year’s Eve this one is special and everyone is asked to wear their flashiest party clothes. But this isn’t strictly a “date night” type of thing. You can bring you honey, or come alone, or come with a bunch of friends, because by the end of the night, everyone has gotten to dance with a bunch of other people. Making new friends is part of the fun.

“We welcome anyone to join us who has an interest in dance, music, socializing and fun,” they say. “We don’t care what your physical ability or size is, where you are in life, where you are on the spectrum of sexual or gender orientation, what color or creed, or non-creed, you are. We are the easiest club to join. If you have an interest, you are in.”

Also, you don’t need to reserve tickets or worry about it being sold out. Just plunk down $12 at the door. And the Slovenian home has a well-stocked bar!


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