It May Be Cold Outside but the Siberian Tigers at the Cleveland Zoo Don’t Mind

Tue 1/2 @ 10AM-5PM

The holidays are over; maybe school hasn’t started again yet. Things are kind of meh, and there’s not much going on.

But there’s a lot going on at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo! Tigers, for instance, are used to wintery climes. So there’s probably going to be some action to the zoo’s wonderful new Rosebrough Tiger Passage exhibit, opened just a year and a half ago. It gives the zoo’s two Amur tigers (also known as Siberian tigers, so you know they’re cool with cold) four connected habitat areas to romp around in as they choose and to explore things like climbing pole and pools. (Tigers, unlike your cat at home, like playing in water).

Zoo admission is $14.25 for adults, $10.5 for ages 2-11.


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