Omarosa rumors; 45 solves problems; Anita Hill rises; and the largess of Michael Symon

Omarosa Rumor

Supposedly, Omarosa is running her race-traitorous ass around New York City, knocking on doors of TV executives in an attempt to convince one of them to give her a talk show. I can hardly wait for it to come on the air so that I can NOT watch it, along with millions of others. Maybe her Sugar Daddy will buy her a network all her own.

Number 45 Instantly Solves Social Problems

Proving once again that he is the smartest man in the country, Number 45 ingeniously solved a whole slew of social problems … he banned seven words. Yep, in the upcoming budget, seven words — like “diversity,” “entitlement,” “vulnerable” and “transgender” — cannot be used. So by this logic, if there are no transgender people in the country, they cannot have social service problems that need addressing. I guess it’s the same for poor people, they no longer exist. Brilliant.

Sexual Harassment Perps Continue to Multiply

This past Friday in Hollywood, all of the major players in the entertainment industry announced the founding of the “Commission on Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equity in the Workplace.” Appropriately, law professor Anita Hill will be the chair of the new watchdog group. Take that, Clarence Thomas. I suppose we’ll soon be hearing more men than ever cry, “I never harassed a woman in my life, and you can bet your sweet ass I won’t ever do it again!”

The Largess of Michael Symon

Celebrity chef Michael Symon read an article about kids growing up in poverty in inner city Cleveland in the PD, and out of the kindness of his heart, he invited the family down to a sumptuous meal at one of his eateries, Mable’s BBQ on 4th Street. However, if Symon really wanted to do something for black folk, he’d hire a few of us for the front of the house in his restaurants. As it now stands (and unless he’s recently changed his ways, in which case I owe a sincere apology), Symon is like many other ol’ school restaurateurs in Cleveland: The only jobs blacks are allowed to have is bussing tables and washing dishes.

Their logic, it seems, goes like this: “If I put a black face out front I’d lose business since some of my white customers won’t like it.” This is pure and utter bullshit. Zack Bruell for years has given all minorities jobs in a fair and unbiased manner and in case you haven’t noticed, his restaurants are thriving. Now, when I made mention of Symon’s blind spot about a year ago, his defenders came down on me like a ton of bricks, basically claiming that he had the right to discriminate if he so desires, which is certainly true. And I have the right to call him out on it if I so desire. Now, if anyone wants to prove me wrong about Symon’s hiring practices, they can show me better than they can tell me, and I’ll gladly pay for the dinner to go with my apology. Any takers? Probably not.


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