A Lowbrow Matinee of Movies in Akron Says Goodbye to 2018 in High Grindhouse-Style

From “Re-Boob: The Farting Robot Monster”

Sat 12/31 @ 1:35PM & 3:15PM

Akron’s Night Light Cinema devotes the afternoon of New Year’s Eve to what is hoped to be a new tradition — outrageous short films from far and near.

There will be a few vintage shorts, going back all the way to a Georges Melies “trick” film from the dawn of cinema. But highlights are locally made short feature movies by Lone Buzzard Filmworks and director Logan Fry.

Shot retro-style as a monochrome silent picture, Ro-Boob: The Farting Robot Monster is a semi-nudie tribute to the cult-classic badfilm Robot Monster. Gimmie Head is a similar raunch-gore comedy about Bigfoot, set in and shot in the Cuyahoga Valley (where, who knows, it might really happen?).

Admission is $9 or $8 for seniors and children — though it is doubtful how suitable the program will be for children.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]

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