Learn About Long-Gone Cleveland Places With Author Laura DeMarco at the Baseball Heritage Museum

Sat 12/9 @ noon

Laura DeMarco’s book, Lost Cleveland, has really caught fire among Clevelanders nostalgic for places they remember from their childhood, or heard about from parents and grandparents, places that are long gone, along with most of Cleveland’s past.

One place that didn’t disappear entirely thanks to efforts to restore and repurpose it is League Park, the former home of the Indians, located in the Hough neighborhood. It’s now a public baseball field as well as the home of the Baseball Heritage Museum located in the only remaining building on the site.

That’s where DeMarco will be on Saturday talking about her book and some of the places that have disappeared and not even left any traces like League Park did — places like Leo’s Casino, the Hippodrome, Memphis Drive-In and the Cleveland Arena. Come wallow in the past. It’s free and open to all.


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