Happy Dog Takes On the World Takes a Look at Africa

Tue 12/12 @ 7:30-8:45PM

Africa is a mysterious place to many Americans, who can’t distinguish between its more than 50 countries, some poor, some prosperous, some violent, some peaceful, some democratic, some under brutal dictatorships.

When four American soldiers were recently killed in Niger — an incident that hit people’s radars mostly due to Trump’s ham-handed and heartless response to the family of one of them (unsurprisingly, the only one of the four who was black) — most people in this country had no idea where Niger was, that we had soldiers stationed there or what they were doing there. (Actually we still don’t, and we’re still waiting for a Benghazi-level investigation).

This month, the regular Happy Dog Takes on the World evenings at the Happy Dog in Gordon Square will take a look at “Terrorism, Conflict, and Crises of Leadership in Africa.” The City Club of Cleveland, Global Cleveland, International Partners in Mission and the Northeast Ohio Consortium for Middle Eastern Studies (NOCMES) will join the Happy Dog in sponsoring a discussion featuring Dr. Tamba Nlandu, an associate professor of philosophy at John Carroll University, and Dr. Jen Ziemke, an associate professor of political science at John Carroll, to look at the various issues facing different parts of Africa and how they affect the U.S. Kent State professor of political science Mark K. Cassell moderates.

It’s free. And you’ll probably leave knowing more than our president.


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