Germ Fighting Well Done at the Science Cafe at the Music Box Supper Club

Mon 12/11 @ 7PM

Most restaurants dread a visit from the Health Inspector. But if one such official makes a surprise call on the Music Box Supper Club/Rusty Anchor Restaurant in the Flats, management can refer to the night’s VIP guest in the monthly Science Cafe — pathogen expert Herman O. Sintim of Purdue University.

Professor Sintim will talk about the latest strategies made against “super bugs,” disease bacteria that have evolved resistance to common antibiotics. It’s a chemical catch-22 that has posed a major challenge for medical science.

His presentation is part of the Science Cafe series. This was developed by the national academic science foundation Sigma Xi, in which brainy topics get a lively forum for lay people in an informal restaurant setting.

Admission to the discussion is free, with optional prescription for the night including a limited dinner menu and a full bar.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]

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