The Doctor Is In; Look Who Is on the Big Screen at the Cedar Lee Theatre

Wed 12/27 @ 7PM

Turns out even Doctor Who is a Doctor Without Borders. In a nationwide simulcast a key installment of the BBC-UK sci-fi phenomenon will be screened at the Cedar Lee in prime time, for TARDIS fans to attend in their bowties and/or long multicolored scarves.

“Twice Upon a Time” is the title of the Very Special Episode that marks the farewell appearance of actor Peter Capaldi as the 12th incarnation (or is it 13th? or 14th? Peter Cushing fans rise up!) as the time-travelling alien doctor, in an episode that reunites him with the first doctor.

(And, as fans have already been told, the next regeneration of the doctor will be played by an actress. What, did Earth learn nothing from that all-female Ghostbusters?)

The night will also include behind-the-scenes and making-of featurettes with Capaldi and show creators. Tickets are $12.50 each.


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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