The Chagrin Falls Popcorn Drop Gets Weaponized for New Year’s Eve

Sun 12/31 @ 11:15PM

All we can imagine is a show of force needed to intimidate North Korea, as the New Year’s Eve “Popcorn Drop” in Chagrin Falls has gotten only bigger and more intimidating.

Every year for the past five years a giant ball of popcorn (inedible, by this point) has been crafted by the Chagrin Falls Popcorn Shop, for a ceremonial midnight lowering in Triangle Park as the New Year begins.

This time the popcorn ball weighs in at a formidable 100 lbs. — who did they consult, Dr. J. Robert Poppenheimer? — and this incredible Weapon of Mass Popstruction will be hoisted 50 feet up the flagpole. In addition, as tasty treats, 200 smaller popcorn balls will be fired into the assembled crowds prior to the drop, via “popcorn bazookas.” Well, now we know what they’ve been working on at Area 51.

The drop will be preceded by parties, hot cocoa and specials, with surrounding restaurants and coffeehouses participating. And, yes, the Popcorn Shop will be open late afterwards.

Admission is free.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]

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