Carlos Jones Brings His Good Vibrations to the Music Box

Tue 12/26 @ 8PM

Why do Carlos Jones and his P.L.U.S. and set attendance records at every summer festival and concert series they headline? Maybe he clue is in the name: “P.L.U.S.” stands for “Peace Love Unity Syndicate,” and they advertise that they are “bringing the message of peace, love, unity, higher consciousness and the joy of the reggae vibration” to their fans. And those fans response with love of their own, love which has made Jones one of the area’s most popular performers since his days as one of the frontmen for club-packing reggae/rockers First Light from 1984-1997.

For more than 20 years, his own P.L.U.S. Band has been carrying the joyful vibrations, which sound just as good in the winter as they do at Wade Oval and Edgewater Park and Hessler Street in the summer.

They’ll elevate your spirits at the Music Box Supper Club, where they hold their annual Holiday Revival, guaranteed to refresh your spirits after a hectic season. The jam band-inflected music of Big Ship, featuring vocalists Michael Rotman and Dreadlock Dave McDougald, will get things off to a sunny start.

Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door.


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