The Warren Miller Movie and Ski Fest Slaloms into the Akron Civic Theatre


Sat 11/18 @ 7PM

The latest Warren Miller Entertainment ski-adventure documentary accompanies a mini-ski fest at the Akron Civic Theatre.

Anyone familiar with extreme-winter sports know the name Warren Miller, a California ski enthusiast who, back in 1950, started knocking out 16mm movies of the most fantastic slope stunts and wipeouts his Bell & Howell lenses could capture. Miller’s passion, well, snowballed, into a high-tech production company that regularly unveils new globetrotting and lavish non-narrative movies that celebrate the joys of ski, snowboard (sometimes surfboard) and big air.

Line of Descent is the latest title, hitting the most exciting downhill ski trails across the USA. It comes to the Akron Civic Theatre for a single showing on a much-deserved big screen at 8pm. First there is an hour-long reception and meet-and-greet with local ski-skewing vendors and clubs. Something tells us there might be Red Bull.

Tickets are $15.


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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