Rockabilly Honky Tonkers Lords of the Highway Celebrate 25 at the Beachland Tavern

Fri 12/1 @ 9PM

Lords of the Highway have been kicking around the local music scene for a long time, cranking out their boozy rockabilly blended with truck-drivin’ honky-tonk country. How long? Well, the band was formed by guitarist/vocalist Dennis Bell in 1992, and put out its first self-released cassette in 1994, followed by their “Diesel Fuel” 7” single in 1995 on Cleveland-based Drink N Drive Records, run by the similarly minded local band the Cowslingers.

They’ve eaten a lot of blacktop since then, leaving behind an impressive trails of singles, EPs and albums NOT on cassette. They’ve also gone through many members along the way, with Bell the only remaining member from the original lineup. These days, he’s joined by Matt Sauer on drums and Action Al on upright bass (Both provide backing vocals).

When they play their 25th anniversary show at the Beachland Tavern, some of those old members will be joining them to celebrate the good times. The Hi-Views, a rockabilly trio from Detroit, will be joining them. Admission is $7.


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