R. Ariel Performs Her Dreamy, Open-Ended Music at Guide to Kulchur

Mon 12/4 @ 8:30 PM

Phoenix-based R. Ariel is a musician as well as a visual artist and author who says her mission is “uplifting women in art.” Her music is free-ranging and exploratory, evading traditional pop structures, while having a dreamy vibe and cooing vocals that loosely connect it to the trip hop movement of the ’90s.

She’s got a new album out, titled Go, and she’s making a return trip to Guide to Kulchur, the bookstore formerly in Gordon Square and now located on Lorain Road. For the show, titled Incite::music::, she’ll be joined by ambient soundscape producer Kafari and new Cleveland band Cigarette Playdate.

It’s a $6 suggested donation.



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