Panza Foundation Showcases its 2017 Bands and Announces Its 2018 Roster at the Happy Dog

Sat 11/18 @ 7PM

In 2015, local musician John Panza did something a little unusual to help out the local music scene. He formed the nonprofit Panza Foundation with his wife Jane to give a little boost to a small group of bands the foundation personally chooses each year, based on their knowledge of who is out there and who is serious about kicking it to the next level. The money the foundation gives them can pay for gear, recording sessions, putting out product or touring expenses.

“There isn’t an application process,” he told CoolCleveland’s John Benson last year. “In fact, the bands we tend to support are the types of band who wouldn’t apply anyway. We tend to favor bands that have a pretty decent amount of experience. We’re not going to go after a band that has played only a couple of shows. We’re going after bands that have proven themselves to be reliable and musically talented.”

“I’d like to think the bands we support are treading new ground,” he said. “The bands we support tend to be bands that push the boundaries and challenge themselves.”

The 2017 Panza Foundation roster — Deche, Mourning [A] BLKStar and Glass Traps — performs at its annual benefit show at the Happy Dog in Gordon Square. At that show, the bands chosen for 2018 will be announced.

Admission is $5.


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