Music for Miles Concert at Waterloo Arts Offers a Lesson in the History of the Horn

Sun 11/12 @ 4PM

The Music for Miles matinee concerts, taking place at Waterloo Arts in North Collnwood, are always casual, family-friendly affairs where people are free to come and go, chat with the musicians during intermission and enjoy refreshments from the Callaloo Café next door.

But the next edition should be particularly fun and educational when horn player James Hampson hosts “From the Hunt to the Symphony,” a history of the modern concert horn. He’ll offer the history of this recently invented — 1897 — instrument and reveal its predecessors. And he’ll demonstrate various period horns, with Ruth Ann Scanzillo accompanying him on piano. He’ll share some of the music written for these earlier horns by Beethoven, Gounod, Strauss and Saint Saens.

Callaloo will have wine as well as barbecue and other tasty treats available, and yes, you can eat and drink while you enjoy the music. The concert is free and kids are most definitely welcome.

Music for Miles


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