Matz Museum Looks at Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue

Wed 11/15 @ 7PM

Many people feel that gun violence is a public health crisis, a definition fought tooth and nail by the NRA, which has pressured the government to ban even studying the issue. Many others feel that no good can come of this approach.

Share in a discussion of the issue at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage as Dr. Jeffrey Claridge, MetroHealth’s director of the Division of Trauma; Duane Deskins, chief of Prevention, Intervention and Opportunity for Youth & Young Adults for the City of Cleveland; and Andrea Martemus-Peters, Violence Injury Prevention Coordinator for the Northern Ohio Trauma System, talk about how the issue impacts our own region.

It’s part of the programming around the Maltz’s current exhibit Beyond Chicken Soup: Jews and Medicine in America.

Tickets are $12, $6 for Maltz members.


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