Light Up Lakewood Is the Star on the Top of Lakewood’s Christmas Tree


Sat 12/2 @ 11AM-9PM

Lakewood is one of those towns laid out over just a few thoroughfares, making it a natural for street festivals. Festivals every week. Soon maybe they’ll have actually a weekend without a festival, and that will be their official “No Festival Festival.”

Begun 11 years ago, Light Up Lakewood marks the town’s official tree-lighting Christmas ceremony. Lunchtime-to-evening events include merchant specials, pizza with Santa, a parade (at 5pm) a King and Queen Ceremony in the decor emporium Plantation Home, and live music, including sets by the Sellouts.

The tree lighting happens at 6:30pm, with fireworks a half-hour later. Admission is free.



[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]

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