Lee Chilcote Reads His Poems & Jen O’Leary Sings at the Happy Dog

Fri 11/17 @ 7PM

At the beginning of the year, writer Lee Chilcote, the sparkplug behind the writers-and-readers nonprofit Literary Cleveland, released his latest book of poetry titled The Shape of Home.

At the time, he told CoolCleveland’s John Benson that he started writing it because, “I found myself drawn back to the language of poetry, particularly after some experiences I had in the recession of getting downsized, trying to kind of reinvent my own career in my 30s, deciding to launch work as a fulltime writer and then also having kids. I was just drawn back to the kind of compact, lyrical language of poetry as a way of expressing and digging into some of those experiences.”

He’ll be at the Happy Dog in Gordon Square to read some poems from the book as well as new poems, and to sell and sign copies. He’ll be joined by singer Jen O’Leary who will intersperse some of her songs to make this a little different from the other book events he’s held this year.

It’s free and open to all.



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