A Lawyer and Doctor Talk at Preterm About Ohio Laws Restricting Women’s Freedom

Mon 11/13 @ 6-8PM

Anyone who follows issues around women’s reproductive rights knows that Ohio is one of the most aggressive states in the country in trying to legislate what a woman can do with her own body.

Just this week, the Ohio House voted to ban abortions if the fetus is diagnosed with Down Syndrome, exposing its misogynist motivation by rejecting an amendment proposed by Lakewood legislator Nickie Antonio to allocate money to provide care for individuals with Down. And you thought “Once you’re out of the womb they don’t care about you’ was a cliché!

Women’s health clinic Preterm has been one of the organizations at the forefront of fighting to give women the power to make their own decisions. At the upcoming edition of their monthly community forums, they’ll be bringing in a couple of experts on the impact of restrictive abortion laws on women’s health care. Case Western Reserve University law professor Jessie Hill and Dr. Justin Lappen, OB/GYN-Maternal and Fetal Medicine at University Hospitals, are both advocates for reproductive choice — meaning the woman’s and not John Kasich’s and the Ohio legislature’s. They’ll talk about how politicians have made Ohio an unfriendly state for women, forcing abortion clinics to close due to technicalities that have nothing to do with health and safety.

The event is free and open to all, and there’s parking in the preterm parking lot if you want to avoid the dour men protesting out front.


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