Lake View Cemetery Lays a Wreath for President Garfield

Sat 11/18 @ 2PM

As most Clevelanders know (hopefully), America’s 20th president James A. Garfield, who was born in what’s now Moreland Hills (then, in 1831, a very rural area), is buried in Cleveland at Lake View Cemetery in the cemetery’s imposing Garfield Memorial building.

Growing up poor and pursuing education erratically (he attended what became Hiram College and  finally graduated from Williams College in Massachusetts in 1856), he became president at the age of 49. Unfortunately, we’ll never know what kind of president he would have been. After only four months in office, he was the victim of an assassin, and he died two and a half months after of complications.

Lake View Cemetery will be paying homage to this president and his lost promise with a wreath-laying ceremony. Brigadier General Tony L. Wright, Deputy Commanding General of the 88th Regional Support Command, is the keynote and will place the wreath along with members of the Garfield famly.

The event is free.


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