Are We Just Six Years Away From Eating Each Other? The Cleveland Museum of Natural History Fact-Checks “Soylent Green”

Wed 12/6 @ 7PM

“Reel Science” is what the Cleveland Museum of Natural History calls its offsite film series that revives popular movies — many in the science fiction genre — and evaluates them for accuracy.

This month’s “experiment” (look at us, sounding like MST3K!) will have the Museum’s Renee Boronka at the Capitol Theatre in Gordon Square, hosting and analyzing 1973’s Soylent Green, a dystopian forecast of the year 2022, with New York City crowded with 40 million people in a world facing environmental collapse and mass extinctions. Charlton Heston plays the detective who reveals the dread secret of the ubiquitous government-issued foodstuff “Soylent Green.”

(While the most notorious “spoiler” in movie history, in Make Room! Make Room! Harry Harrison’s source novel — set in 1999 — it is really just a soy-lentil concoction after all)

Admission is $8, with discounts for museum members (card must be presented).


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]

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