The Gaming Expo Con on the Cob Sprouts in Richfield

Thu 11/9 @ 12PM-8PM

Fri 11/10 @ 8:30AM-8PM

Sat 11/11 @ 8:30AM-8PM

Sun 11/12 @ 8:30AM-5PM

Role-play gaming like Dungeons & Dragons and Call of Cthulu still walk (or shamble) among us. For proof, check out Con on the Cob, engulfing a whole weekend and more at Richfield’s Days Inn & Suites.

Besides marathons of Magic: The Gathering, ShadowRun and other favorites, the four days will see a Friday night toga party, live bands and variety acts (including “nerdcore” comedian and rapper Devo Spice), and, of course, the inevitable cosplay.

Keep a battlements-tower lookout also for the vendor fair featuring game gear, comics, anime, fantasy art, jewelry, multimedia and accessories, plus a games library and an auction. Authors, game designers, podcasters and even Santa Claus are also on the schedule.

Registration begins with a one-day visitor rate of $25.


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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