Cleveland’s Duo Decibel System Offers a Sonic Wild Ride on Their New Album

Sat 11/18 @ 7-11PM

Guitarist/vocalist Miss Melvis and drummer/percussionist/electronics master John Scully, who together comprise Duo Decibel System, have been around the Cleveland music scene for a long time, getting a little scuffed up in the process. Between the two, they’ve played with bands such as Chump, the Heathers, Flat Can Company, Numbskull and Starvation Army.

The band now has a new release called Slow Wave, containing by their own description “Creepy funk, black melodies, electromagnetic Latin, chilled bombs, modular hissing, dobro surf, elementary particle slides, big-banged trumpet, loved … and not so loved.”

Their music is rangy and slightly unhinged, squalling as it stomps over territory that evokes punk, jazz, noise and electronic music. They call it a “post-rock elixir for broken hearts and ruffled minds” and across the course of its 12 predominantly instrumental tracks, guitars and electronics assault, caress, surge and ebb, journeying from ambient flows to harrowing walls of sound.

They’ll celebrate with a performance at Silver Scuro Studio and Gallery in Slavic Village, photographer Steve Mastroianni’s new location. There’ll also be a photography exhibit, an installation by Mark Jenks, munchies and drinks. Admission is free.


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