Cleveland-Raised Violinist Joe Deninzon Returns to Town With His Prog Rock Band Stratospheerius

Sat 11/11 @ 8PM

 Electric violinist/vocalist/composer/educator Joe Deninzon grew up in Cleveland, where his father Vladimir is a violinist with the Cleveland Orchestra. After getting his bachelors degree in music from the acclaimed Indiana University program and spending some time in the Cleveland music scene in the late ’90s (he even briefly played with Michael Stanley), he headed for the east coast where he’s now based.

 Among his projects — which cover classical music, jazz, rock, Latin and hip hop — is his progressive rock band Stratospheerius. They’ve released five albums including a new one titled Guilty of Innocence. With tracks such as the 12-minute “Soul Food” and an electric violin solo called “Dream Diary Cadenza” based on Deninzon’s electric violin concerto, plus guest contributions from any prog/jazz luminaries such as guitarist Alex Skolnik (an early member of Stratospheerius), the album is a prog rock lover’s dream.

Deninzon will be bringing the band back this week to his old stomping ground Wilbert’s (Stratospheerius’ first album Electric/Blue was released on the Wilbert’s label in 1998).

Ego opens. Admission is $10.



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