Akron Symphony Explores Ties Between Art and Music at E.J. Thomas Hall

Sat 11/18 @ 8PM

The centerpiece of the next concert by the Akron Symphony Orchestra is Modest Moussorgsky’s 10-movement suite, Pictures at an Exhibition, a tribute to artist Viktor Hartmann and inspired by the experience of looking at some of his work.

The evening will include complimentary pieces: five of the seven movements of Morton Gould’s Burchfield Gallery, and Paul Hindemith’s Mathis der Maler Symphony, which features excerpts from the opera based on the life and work of the artist Matthias Grünewald. The artwork that inspired all these composers will be projected on large screens before the performance and Akron Symphony music director Christopher Wilkins will talk at 7pm about the connections between art and music.

The concert takes place at E.J. Thomas Hall. Tickets are $25-$55.


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