VIDEO: Cleveland Dance Fest Returns for Two Big Nights

Fri 11/10 @ 7:30PM

Sat 11/11 at 4:15PM & 7:30PM


The Cleveland dance community comes together for the second year in a row for the Cleveland Dance Fest ’17. Organized by modern dance company the Movement Project, this weekend-long event builds support for local and outside artists by providing a space for performance, education, and strengthening connections in the community.

CoolCleveland’s Stephan Haluska met with the Movement Project’s Megan Gargano at Pilgrim Church in Tremont, where the festival will be held, to get the festival details. There are two nights of different shows,  Fri 11/10 @ 7:30pm and Sat 11/11 @ 7:30pm. In addition, there will be an informal showing on Saturday@ 4:15pm where the audience will get to meet emerging artists and see works in progress as well as a series of masterclasses that same day. View the video here.

For tickets and more information go to themovementproject/cleveland-dance-fest-2017/.

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