Sports Documentary “Burn the Ships” Sails into the Forest City Brewery

Fri 10/13 @ 7PM

While all eyes (and wallets) were on the Cleveland Indians, a locally made documentary examines the struggles in a much less feverishly promoted ball-and-bat sport. It’s women’s professional softball, and the movie is Burn the Ships, directed by Danielle Miller and Julie Thorndike.

The feature follows the Akron Racers team and general manager Joey Arrietta’s heroic DIY efforts to steer the athletes up the ladder of the league championships in an unsung, under-hyped all-female team sport that a lot of the hoi polloi don’t even know exists.

It will screen at Forest City Brewery in Ohio City, part of an initial by Emerge Microcinema to host pop-up screenings in non-traditioal venues. Admission is $12 at the door.


[Written by Charles Cassady]


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