Pump Iron at the NPC Natural Northern Bodybuilding Championships & Expo

Sat 10/14 @ 8AM-8PM

You’re just not a REAL AMERICAN until you’ve witnessed a day of competitive bodybuilding. And the 2017 NPC Natural Northern Championships & Expo at Public Hall is probably the heftiest of this area’s bodybuilding/figure championships, north of the legendary Arnold Classic in Columbus.

Pumped-up athletes from several states pose and flex until you think you’ve actually left behind the drab, mundane, potbellied world and entered a superhero comics mag (only with better writing).

Plus, NPC contests carry a qualifier that they are strictly drug-tested events and that the musculature onstage is “attainable” with gym discipline and legal nutritional supplements, available at an onsite “Nutrition Pit.” Special guests from the physique world, a “PushPull” deadlift contest and a “Boobs for Barbells” competition for breast cancer by Crossfit Cleveland add weight to the occasion.

Preliminary judgings are open to the public at 8am, with a $25 admission. After a break, finals are at 5:30pm with tickets ranging from $35 on up.


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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