The Ohio Independent Film Festival at the BOP STOP Atones for a Summer of Duds

Thu 11/2 @ 7PM

Fri 11/3 @ 3PM

The Ohio Independent Film Festival is a showcase of local and international indie cinema. After some gypsy-like roving from venue to venue, it has settled into a slot at the Bop Stop @ The Music Settlement.

The Friday festival is preceded on Thursday night by a 6pm reception with Robert Banks Jr., longtime Cleveland avant-garde independent filmmaker and tireless film instructor, hosting both an assortment of short films and live music performed by Shawn Brewster. Admission to that is free but donations are appreciated.

The official OIFF is a one-evening marathon of global features and short subjects, hailing from Cleveland, Canada, Mexico, Iran and more, that turns the Bop Stop into Cannes on Lake Erie. Highlight is the indie post-modern horror flick Ruin Me at 7:45pm.

Admission to the Friday night OIFF is $20.


[Written by Charles Cassady Jr.]

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