Just Think of Them as Shetland Werewolves at the Monster Mutt Dash for Berea Animal Rescue

Sat 10/14 @ 8AM-1PM

Halloween really gets unleashed for the benefit of a local animal welfare organization at the Monster Mutt Dash at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds.

Taking place under the auspices of Berea Animal Rescue (ARF), the Monster Mutt Dash is a 5K race that also gives you a chance to humiliate your beloved animal companion: besides the 8am human foot race, there is a 1K “casual” walk-run in which owners are encouraged to make their pets wear costumes. We were hoping that the “Trumpy Cat” would become a more popular meme (just didn’t know our wishing on that monkey paw would result in such havoc).

Hosted by radio personality Ray Carr, the event will also have vendors, dog/human contests, raffle baskets and more. Registration for the two races is $30 and $25, respectively. The ARF afterparty is free to attend.


[Written by Charles Cassady]



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