Gabriel Alegria Afro-Peruvian Sextet Livens Up the BOP STOP with Some New Music

Sat 10/28 @ 8PM

The appeal of Latin jazz has remained so strong over the year because of the energy, its pizzazz and the heat it generates. Get top players together and it gives off more sparks than virtually any other form of jazz.

Those sparks will fly again when Gabriel Alegria & his Afro-Peruvian Sextet head back to town again to perform their distinctive music, based in the African-influenced sounds of coastal Peru utilizing traditional Peruvian instruments alongside those typical of jazz ensembles.

Alegria formed the band in 2005 to blend the musicians’ highly schooled jazz chops with Peruvian folk music. They’ve now put out half a dozen releases to share their country’s musical culture, as well as their love of all forms of jazz, with the world. And now they have a brand new one they’ll be bringing along when they perform at the Bop Stop, titled Diablo En Brooklyn. Fans they made on their previous swings through town will want to stop in and check out the new material.

Tickets are $20.



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