CPT World Premiere “The Family Claxon” Takes On the Corrupting Effect of Wealth

Thu 10/5-Sat 10/28 @ 7:30PM

Prolific Cleveland Heights-based playwright Eric Coble has come up with yet another piece, The Family Claxon, which will have its world premiere at Cleveland Public Theatre this week.

The play deals with a serious and timely subject in a humorous way. It revolves around the character of Grandad Claxon, a 19th-century industrialist/tycoon of the sort we call “robber barons” and the impact on his family.

 The Claxons are caught in the confines of Corporate America — so driven for success they’ll do anything to climb the corporate ladder, even if it’s for a job they hate,” says the play’s promotion. “While this is partially out of survival mode, it’s really more their sense of self-worth that drives them. Their whole identity is tied up so tightly in what they do for a living, when that falls away, they’re lost.”

CPT promises it’s “hilarious, fun and full of energy,” although in the age of Trump, maybe it hits a little too close to home.

It runs Thursdays-Mondays through Sat 10/28 at CPT’s Gordon Square Theatre. Tickets are $12-$30.

Cleveland Public Theatre

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