We’ve been accused of civic boosterism. Pollyannaism. Unapologetic optimism.

But there’s a fine line between blindly pushing the corporate agenda and giving voice to the underserved. CoolClevelandcolumnist Claudia Taller reminds us that now is not the time for complacency: “Are you upset? Good. Speak out. Say what needs to be said, and say it loudly…”

Hometown heroDominick Farinacci honors local icons Carl & Louis Stokes with his trumpet and the Spirit of the Groove. Housing prophet Jim Rokakis warned about the foreclosure crisis 15 years ago. This week you can hear him speak at First Baptist Church about how to repair the damage. Thomas Fox’s CreativeMornings Cleveland hosts Aimee Crane from NASA’s Orion Spacecraft program, housed at the Glenn Research Center right in our backyard.

CoolCleveland offers our share of criticism and ways leadership in our region might make improvements. CoolCleveland columnist Mansfield Frazier is always pointing out methods we can use to better ourselves. His column this week, An Open Letter to the Residents of Ward 7, addressed to his friends in the up-and-coming Hough neighborhood, offers a succinct criticism of business as usual, tempered with a powerful love for his community. That’s Boosterism 101. –Thomas Mulready

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