Benefit at the Beachland Helps Victims of Syrian Civil War

Tue 10/24 @ 8PM

So many disasters, both natural and manmade, so little time to comprehend and react to them all. Anyone remember Syria? Where tens of thousand of civilians have died in the ongoing civil war and million have been displaced internally and to other countries?

Those with ties to the war-torn Middle Eastern country have not forgotten, and some of them have put together “Amplifying Peace: Saving Syrian Lives,” taking place at the Beachland Ballroom.

It features Syrian-American rapper/poet Omar Offendum, who mixes Arabic poetry with hip hop; indie funk ensemble Bassel & the Supernaturals, fronted by Syrian-American vocalist Bassel Amadani; Chicago-based hip hop artists Kayem, the son of a Libyan revolutionary; Ronnie Malley & Turath Ensemble, fronted by global music multi-instrumentalist Malley; and DJ Bella Loki, a west coast DJ who started spinning in 2007 after her 15-year dance career, a mix favoring hip hop, jazz, funk, neo-soul,world music and more.

Tickets to the concert are $20.


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