What’s the Deal With GMOs? Learn More at Ohio City’s Townhall

Tue 10/3 @ 6:30-7:30PM

Genetically modified crops, or GMOs, are the subject of a great deal of controversy among people concerned with health and the environment. Conceived as a way to increase harvest yields, they are also modified to be resistant to herbicides, which allows farmers to use heavier applications. So, whether or not GMOs are safe to ingest — and there’s no consensus as there is about the reality of climate change — planning them can lead to crops with higher doses of toxic chemicals.

Townhall in Ohio City has taken the view that GMOs are bad, period, and has eliminated such food from its menu. So it’s an appropriate setting for a presentation by “The Drugless Doctors” called “How GMOs Impact Your Health,” just I time for Non-GMO Month. Find out why they believe you should avoid genetically modified foods.

Admission is $5, but you also get a $5 gift card.


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