VIDEO: Here Comes IngenuityFest 2017: Metamorphisis

Fri 9/22 – Sun 9/23

Forget what you know about all the other festivals.

The 13th edition of IngenuityFest: Metamorphosis is unlike anything you’ve seen. Fully at home in their enormous industrial venue, The Hamilton Collaborative at 5401 Hamilton, a block north of St. Clair, Ingenuity is preparing surprising artist projects in pods throughout the labyrinthine venue.


Having fully morphed into IngenuityLABS, a year-round locus for artists and creators, and partnering with 10 maker start-ups, the annual Fest, Fri 9/22 – Sun 9/24, is now the glittering and public tip of the iceberg.

Visitors will witness the Propane Dance Floor, Leaping Off The Wall, a live butterfly experience, and the Mechanique Biotique, a former scrapyard on the festival site being transformed to a teaching garden with live metalworking demonstrations. Plus the return of the Makers Mecca, the spectacular Tesla Orchestra, local food trucks and breweries.

Ingenuity co-founder Thomas Mulready spoke with artistic director Emily Appelbaum and marketing/development guru Annie Weiss, the brain trust behind Ingenuity 2017. Don’t miss it.

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