Rocky Me, Amadeus! A Cult Classic Celebrates 30 Years in Cleveland Heights

Sat 9/16 @ 9:30PM

Two things happened in 1988. The Reagan Administration ended — and the Rocky Horror Picture Show started screening at the Cedar Lee Theatre. Yes, we all have fun memories of those weird and crazy characters and their depraved antics. But enough about the Reagan White House; let’s talk Rocky Horror.

The 1975 movie, a filmed adaptation of a novelty cabaret-stage show that celebrated old Universal monster movies and LGBT sexuality (and is set in Ohio, don’t forget), initially failed at the box office — except for Ken Russell’s The Boy Friend and Tommy, the early ‘70s were a dead zone for new musicals in general. But after midnight programmers in NYC exhumed The Rocky Horror Picture Show with a live, offscreen call-and-response act, the material got new life, in arty-culty cinemas around the country.

In 1988 the Cedar Lee started its own “live cast” screenings of Rocky Horror, with the troupe Simply His Servants. For this third-decade milestone the group invites veteran fans and newbies alike for a (relatively) early-nite screening.

Thanks to new technology undreamt in 1975 (even by transvestites from the planet Transexual), other Rocky Horror cast troupers will say hello and participate electronically via “horrorcast.”

Tickets are $9.75, with a dollar off for those attending in costume. The material is R-rated; no under 17s without accompanying parent/guardian.


[Written by Charles Cassady]


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