Remember the 9/11 Dead at Soldiers & Sailors Monument at Public Square

Mon 9/11 @ 7AM

Few of us will forget when we heard the news about the planes hitting the World Trade Center, followed by the ones hitting the Pentagon and going down in an abandoned strip mine in Shanksville, Pennsylvania and the collapse of the two towers.

Cleveland’s Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Public Square will be holding a special Day of Remembrance and Community, with a memorial wreath presentation and playing of Taps taking place at the time each of those events occurred.

It will start at 8:46am honoring those who perished on American Airlines Flight 11 which hit the WTC North Tower, followed at 9:03 for those who died when United Airlines Flight 175 hit the North Tower. At 9:37am they’ll remember those on Flight 77 which flew into the Pentagon.

At 9:59, they’ll pay tribute to those who died when the South Tower of the WTC collapsed. At 10:03 United Airlines Flight 93 went down in Pennsylvania shortly before the North Tower collapsed at 10:28. Finally at 10:50 a wreath will be presented and Taps will be played to remember the first responders who lost their lives on 9/11/01.

 The monument will be open for special hours from 7am to 3pm on this day. Admission is free.


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