How to Redeem that Last Jack Sparrow Movie: Talk Like a Pirate Day at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Tue 9/19 @ 10AM-4PM

Activists want do get rid of Columbus Day because of political incorrectness. How about replacing it with the fast-growing sensation of International Talk Like a Pirate Day? Because pirates never hurt anyone, right? Or at least are more popular that Christopher Columbus.

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium is marking Talk Like a Pirate Day with a Tuesday special; merely recite a chosen phrase in a pirate accent (hint: see UK actor Robert Newton’s portrayal of Long John Silver; he virtually invented pirate talk) and get $5 off admission.

Early birds/parrots will also get free eyepatches. The day includes treasure hunts, pirate crafts and appearances by Aquarium characters Captain NEO and Fin.

Although the final Talk Like a Pirate admission is taken at 4pm, know me hearties that the facility remains open until 5pm.


[Written by Charles Cassady]

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